A group of twelve Year 8 & 9 students attended The University of Bristol on Wednesday, 13th September to receive their graduation certificates after participating in the Scholar’s Programme run by the renowned charity, The Brilliant Club.  The students had undertaken a project at the end of the last academic year on ‘Ebola: The next international pandemic?’  Tutored by a PhD graduate from Swansea University the students have developed academic study skills and learned about the impact of Ebola both in the countries directly affected no the wider international community.  They used these skills to produce an essay at the level expected of Year 12 students studying for their AS exams.  We are very proud that all the students completed and passed the project to graduate.

The students and their parents were greeted by Student Ambassadors from the university and were treated to a short tour of the campus and a presentation on what it means to be an Undergraduate at a prestigious university such as Bristol.  Parents were also able to attend a presentation about university life to help prepare them to support their children in applying to university.

Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn is the first Carmarthenshire school to have a cohort of students participate in this programme and we are looking forward to our next cohort participating in the Spring Term.  As a school we are aware that less than 1 in 5 students from state schools attend the eminent Russell Group of Universities and our work in every lesson and by participating in projects like the Scholar’s Programme is about helping every student achieve their ambitions.  These 12 students may be a few years from university but they are already on the path to success.  Well done to them all and a special thanks to their mentor in school Mr S. Hubbard.

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