Pupil starting dates: Thursday 3rd September: Year 7 and Year 12 —– Friday 4th September: Year 7, 12 and 13 —– Monday 7th September: All pupils
School Improvement | Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn

Cynllun Datblygu – Crynodeb

Development Plan – Summary

2014 – 2017

  • Standards
    • Improve outcomes at Key Stage 3 in all subjects at Level 6+ and 7+.
    • Improve performance in Art, History and Physical education at Level 5+.
    • Reduce the gender gap in English, Welsh First Language, Art and History.
    • Work closely with our family or primary schools to ensure a smooth transition between Key Stage 2 and 3.
    • Improve the Level 2
    • Inclusive performance indicator by 5%.
    • Improve the Level 2
    • performance indicator by 4% and Level 1 by 3%.
    • Improve the performance of middle ability girls in all subject areas.
    • Reduce the gender gap at Key Stage 4.
    • Improve the performance of Free School Meals pupils.
    • Improve provision for More Able and Talented Learners.
  • Teaching and Learning
    • Extend the amount of outstanding teaching through sharing best practice, including peer observation, triad work and the use of ‘IRIS Connect’.
    • Undertake high impact training to improve classroom practice.
    • Provide training for teaching assistants on strategies to boost literacy and numeracy skills.
    • Continue to provide ongoing training on marking and assessment to ensure that the quality of feedback is consistently good across the school.
  • Leadership
    • Continue to provide training for middle leaders on the use of data, self-evaluation, development planning, marking and assessment.
    • Strengthen the line management system to ensure clear areas of accountability.
    • Introduce a Progress Leader data tracking system to identify and tackle underachievement early.
    • Allow middle leaders to jointly observe lessons with Senior Leaders to promote consistency of delivery and strengthen self evaluation skills.
  • Attendance and Safeguarding
    • Raise attendance rates to 97%.
    • Work with the local authority educational welfare service to tackle low attendance. Continue to update staff child protection training.
  • Premises
    • Continue with a rolling programme of classroom decoration and furniture replacement.
    • Work with the local authority to upgrade the changing room facilities.
    • Work with the local authority to upgrade the toilet facilities in the bottom block.
    • Continue with a rolling programme of renewing ICT facilities.