Our school is a strong community based on mutual respect.


Our vision is to create an outstanding school where all are welcomed, happy, valued and achieve their potential.


  • To create a caring, considerate, courteous learning environment where pupils and staff enjoy a positive, rewarding experience.
  • To value and treat all pupils equally and educate each one to his or her maximum potential.
  • To aim for excellence in all that we do by setting high expectations, encouraging, acknowledging, praising achievement and effort by nurturing talent and self-discipline.
  • To achieve excellence through the quality of learning and teaching.
  • To reflect the bilingual nature of our community.
  • To foster amongst all members of the school community a reflective, self-evaluative ethos in order to develop and improve wherever possible in all aspects of school life.
  • To ensure that every pupil receives a broad, balanced, coherent, differentiated and relevant curriculum which meets the requirements of both the LEA’s Policy State-ments and the National Curriculum.
  • To encourage pupils to recognise that learning and education are life long experi-ences and to be aware of the range of opportunity post 16, in particular the provi-sion in Year 12 and Year 13.