Our aim is to make our school a productive and rewarding place for everyone who works here. These rules help us achieve this.

  • Act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times. Good behaviour in class and around the school is essential.
  • Pupils should move quietly and in an orderly manner around the school. Keep to the left in corridors.
  • Arrive on time for registration and lessons. All pupils need written permission to leave a lesson or to leave the school premises at break or lunchtime. The sixth form are permitted to leave school at lunchtimes.
  • Pupils must wear the correct school uniform every day. Hair colour and style must be appropriate. (Please contact the school if you are unsure of what is acceptable)
  • Pupils are not permitted to wear any jewellery, including body piercing, make-up or nail varnish.
  • Pupils are requested to respect the buildings and all school property, including books. Loss or damage to property may be charged to parents. Any accidental damage should be reported immediately to a member of staff. Litter should alwaysbe placed in the appropriate bin.
  • Other people’s property must be treated with respect. Lost property should be handed in to Reception.
  • Expensive items of personal property must not be brought to school. This includes personal entertainment equipment and mobile telephones.
  • Dangerous items such as laser pens, penknives and aerosols are not permitted. Pupils are not allowed to smoke and under no circumstances should drugs or alcohol be brought onto the school premises.
  • The School office should be informed of any pupil taking medication. This is the only place where medicines or tablets may be left for safekeeping.