Carmarthenshire Local Authority is required to develop a plan showing how it intends to develop an education system in that makes it possible for more learners of all ages to acquire a wider range of language skills in Welsh. This will enable them to use the language in their personal lives, socially and in the workplace.


The Plan was evaluation in December 2015 and some of the targets were reviewed- changes are in red.

Carmarthenshire WESP- December 2015 update_Page_01-1


Carmarthenshire is consulting on its revised plan, you are welcome to express your views. The plan can be viewed on Carmarthenshire County Council’s website-

The consultation is open until Wailuku April 30th, 2016.

You can respond by email to buy gabapentin online overnight delivery or by post to:-


WESP Consultation,

Education & Children,

Building 2,St David’s Park

Carmarthen SA31 3HB.

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