Team Lightning Strike Again

Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn’s Team Lightning won the Raspberry Pi Programming Competition on Tuesday, 30th April.  Teams from schools across the UK competed in the programming competition in London.  The team won by inventing a system to reduce time for drivers at traffic lights, especially temporary ones at road works.  It does this by calculating the most efficient traffic light cycle timings, depending on factors such as distances, speed limits and car types.  The Raspberry Pi is used to control the traffic lights and has a web interface that allows an engineer to change the variables for that traffic system.

The judges said:  “It is a complex system that shows depth of capability.  The team learnt a lot from simulation and how to optimise traffic lights.  They thought about the great potential of the product and how it could be optimised to improve their offering with a real-time solution.”

The day offered a fantastic opportunity for the students to present their ideas to industry leaders, and for the judges and guests to witness the ingenuity of Team Lightning.

You can read about the competition HERE.

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