Ten pupils from the sixth form attended an event in Llanelli, organised by Carmarthenshire County Council, to let them see how a county council is run. A major part of the day was dedicated to a group activity, where the council presented a number of proposals out for consultation to face budget cuts. The group acting as the Executive Board were led by Oliver Butterworth, and were complimented on their mature approach to the task and discussions, and the professional manner in which they delivered their final presentation. With some significant changes proposed, it gave the group a thorough appreciation of the work and influence the people in these actual roles have on their communities. Mr Dylan Williams would also like to thank Charlotte Husnjak, Richard Houghton, Liam Webb, Caity Lowry, Katrin Moody, Lucy Penman, Phoebe Hewitt-Fisher and Emma Litten-James for their exemplary contribution to the day.



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