Recycle to Help the School

Recycle your crisp packets and help our school and the environment.  Our school has registered with the Terra Cycle Crisp Packet Recycling Programme and will be collecting crisp packets to recycle.  We will be rewarded with £2 per 2kg of crisp packets but more importantly it takes crisp packets out of landfill.  At present crisp packets cannot be recycled via the regular kerbside plastics collection.   Walkers have decided to partner up with Terra Cycle to subsidise their research which has now resulted in crisp packets being recycled and turned into pellets which can then be used to make outdoor furniture. Any brand of crisp packet can be recycled this way, not just Walkers. We would be grateful if you could help us by asking everyone to keep hold of their crisp packets for us. The pupils in the key stage 4 Inclusion Centre are organising the collection as part of their Entry Pathways course Environmental awareness module. Thank you in advance.

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