On Wednesday 8th June, as part of the school’s transition day, Year 6 pupils were given the opportunity to get involved in the Music department’s end of year concert, Popsical!

A dozen pupils from a range of primary feeders rehearsed with the Junior Choir, Wind Band, String Group and Rock Band. Everyone worked extremely hard and in the evening a crowd of appreciative parents enjoyed a performance of pop songs and extracts from musicals.

As well as the lower school ensembles there were performances from the Senior Choir, Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, Soul Band and soloists. In addition, a student-led group Dante’s Fire Escape and a Year 11 vocal group showed the young musicians what they can aspire to achieve when they join the Music department in September.

The concert also raised £100 to support Ruby Butterworth in her work with National Youth Music Theatre, London, where she is currently performing in The Piper of Hamlyn.

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