On Friday, 13th January 2017, students of Art and Photography from Years 10 to 13, took part in a one day educational trip to see two London galleries in preparation for their upcoming examination theme as well as enhancing their contextual

understanding.  The first stop was the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea where pupils were given a guided talk around the Painters’

Painters exhibition.  The Saatchi is well known for promoting up and coming new artists and the focus of this exhibition was on the media of paint.  The exhibition was vibrant, brash and occasionally comical but certainly challenged the pupils to question ‘What is Art?’  Many pupils had never set foot inside a gallery and the experience did not disappoint!  Similarly, the Tate Modern with its extensive collection covering several floors, caused wide eyed wonder and enthusiasm.  The Turbine Hall was showing an installation piece by Phillipe Parreno called Anywhen (sic).  Many students became part of the artwork by having their senses activated and stimulated by a spectacular choreography of acoustics, sound lighting, flying objects and film, each connected to the other and playing their part in a far bigger score. Tate’s Turbine Hall became a universe of inter-related and connected events and parallel realities which are intended to challenge your perception of time and space.  However, many students were just happy to grab one of the cosy blankets provided and to lie down and enjoy the art for arts’ sake.   Once again, the trips success was enhanced by the exemplary behaviour of the students.

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