On the 15th March, five pupils from year 8 have been selected to join other Pupil Language Ambassadors from across Mid and South West Wales on a training day at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea. The aim of the day was to develop their leadership skills as well as their understanding of their ambassadorial role within the school.

Places were limited, and Sophie Davies, Millie Elcomb, Ella Hewitt-Fisher, Jack Springer and Sariah Wilcox were successful in their application to attend. The day was a positive and rewarding experience for our pupils.  They enjoyed various talks on languages in the world of work and workshops such as taster sessions on learning Mandarin and Italian.

Pupil Language Ambassadors in schools have a key role in raising awareness about the increasing opportunities available through learning languages in our globalized world.

Our Language Ambassadors will go on to organise events and activities within the school community in partnership with their teachers. As well as bringing great benefits to the school, past ambassadors have reported higher levels of confidence and developed leadership and communication skills whilst also enjoying their new responsibilities.

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