Year 11 GCSE RE pupils visited Holy Trinity Church in Newcastle Emlyn in preparation for their exams in May. They were greeted at the Church by Val Jackson (Church warden) and were given opportunities to explore the church, learning more about the internal features like the font, altar, lectern, pulpit, stained glass windows and organ. Holy Trinity Church was elevated to the dignity of a Parish Church in 1843 and pupils were able to develop their knowledge and understanding of Christianity through this church experience. There was also a chance to see the communion bread & wine, plus a medieval stained glass window, in the vestry of the Church. Pupils lit candles for people they knew and even examined the headstones of graves in the church grounds. Mr.Richard Evans (Head of RE) and Mrs.Enfys Evans supervised the visit. Pupils appreciated the opportunity to visit a local Church, returning to school via some of the shops in town (Mr.Evans had chocolate cookies) with an improved confidence in their ability to speak and write about a Christian place of worship.

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