In January, Year 12 Geography students spent three days completing Fieldwork in Pembrokeshire with the help of Mr Ward and Mrs Vaughn. Coastal path walking, cliff stability analysis, graphing techniques and research filled the three days to the brim. Numerous tasks were completed such as measuring beach profiles at Barafundle and Stackpole beach, interviewing passers-by at Haverfordwest and taking extensive notes throughout. In the evenings, staying in self-catered lodges at Bluestone, the students leapt at the chance to cook for themselves, filling the kitchen with delicious food and laughter. The teachers chose the easier option instead, by buying fish and chips! Somewhere in between studying and learning, the students also found time to visit the on campus Blue Lagoon.  Despite not having the best of weather, lots of waterproof layers and warm drinks helped make the fieldwork a wonderful experience, with everyone learning new information and bringing back many happy memories.

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