Up and coming singer Rich Cottell visited Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn to deliver his presentation on online safety and cyberbullying.  Students had the opportunity to listen to Rich sing before a small group of students were chosen from the audience to sing with him.  Following this Rich shared with the students the experiences of his sister who was bullied through social media, the impact that this had on her and his family.  Students were encouraged to consider how to be safe online when using social media and even when gaming online and especially the importance of ensuring profiles are set to ‘Friends only’ to ensure that no one can find them by googling their names.  Even mobile phones were covered and the issue of sexting with the advice of ‘Think for 10 seconds before you post or message an image to a friend, ask yourself “Would I be happy if this went public?”‘


Despite the seriousness of the message the students enjoyed the event and had a great experience with large numbers stopping for the now obligatory ‘selfies’ with the singer, after the school bell had gone for the end of the day!


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