The new intake of Year 10 GCSE Art and Design students have started their coursework unit, based on ‘Natural

Forms’, by visiting the National Botanic Gardens of Wales on 29th June 2017.  This is an annual trip which has proven to be an excellent opportunity to gather useful visual imagery to work from during lessons.



Our studies began with a focus on the artists Karl Blossfeldt and Georgia O’Keeffe who are well known for their work inspired by nature.  Therefore, within the confines of the Glasshouse which is renowned for housing a large variety of flora from warmer climes, pupils were given a series of tasks to encourage them to view their subjects in a different way.  As well as drawing tasks, pupils took part in a Photothon where they responded photographically to the keywords; up above, strength, distorted, repeat, detail and heritage in order to produce a series of six final images whilst thinking in a more lateral way.

Once again, our pupils are to be commended on their exemplary behaviour which attracted several favourable comments from members of the public.

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