Biology Fieldwork

The Year 13 Biology class have just returned from yet another successful field course on the rocky shores of Dale, Pembrokeshire.  During the three day residential course pupils studied seashore ecology and learned various sampling techniques, including height profiling and transecting.

Pupils were also able to visit Skomer Island, taking the 15 minute boat crossing from

Martin’s Haven.  On the island, a National Nature Reserve, they observed the biodiversity of the island, with its thousands of seabirds, making it one of the most important seabird colonies in the UK.  The highlights were the antics of Puffins, some within touching range. A Short-eared Owl, basking Seals and porpoises were also seen.

On the final day, pupils collected data on the variation of certain species caused by evolution in response to directional selection to allow organisms to adapt to their environment.  This data will be further analysed as part of their A2 Coursework.

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