Aberystwyth University Science Workshops

Last week year 7 pupils enjoyed a day of science with Aberystwyth University. The STEM activity took the form of three different workshops looking at some of the work that the University does and how it relates to people in west Wales. The pupils took part in three workshops during the day on parasites; Acidification in the sea; and Space.

In the Parasites workshop pupils used modern digital microscopes to view a range of human and animal parasites, including tapeworm, roundworm, fleas, lice and liver flukes. They then used various analytical techniques to check for the eggs of liver flukes in sheep faeces (sterilised), in doing so they identified which areas of a certain farm were infected.

In the Acidification workshop pupils looked at how the warming of the oceans were affecting the growth of sea molluscs and how the acidification of the seas could be measured in sea shells.

In the Space workshop pupils explored the Solar System, firstly using Virtual Reality Headsets and then an inflatable Planetarium.

Overall pupils enjoyed the variety of activities and learned how science is relevant to all our lives.

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