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Aims of Religious Education in Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn

Religious Education in Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn enables pupils to:

• Develop self – awareness;

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• Develop an awareness of others and the community within which they exist and consider a response to their need;


• Develop an awareness of the natural world in which they live and the expanse of the Universe. This should stimulate a sense of awe and wonder;


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• Develop a knowledge and understanding of the religious and spiritual heritage of the whole community including other faiths in addition to Christianity;

6• Draw upon their experience of life at different levels in order to deepen understanding and acquire an awareness and appreciation of the religious elements within a wider community with the aim of enabling them as young people and later as adults to live in amity with other people of all persuasions.


Content Objectives of Religious Education in Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn

Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn is a school in Wales and so the Welsh dimension is very much taken into account when laying out the content objectives of RE in the school. Religious Education in Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn :

• Helps pupils to understand that religion is one of the deepest human needs of human beings – and be aware that there is in all individuals a spiritual dimension;

• Helps pupils to make sense of their past as well as their immediate environment when they come face to face with the problems and situations relevant to their everyday life;

• Helps introduces pupils in Wales to traditions which form the Welsh identity;

• Helps foster in Wales a more balanced view of the history and consequences of religion;

• Helps to develop values, standards and morality.

Key Stage 3
  • Looking at Religion, Festivals, Exploring Religion, Expressing Meaning, Worship and Meditation, Faith in Action, Creation and the Natural World, Pilgrimage, Belief and Identity.


Key Stage 4


Unit 1 – Christianity

Unit 8 – Judaism
Unit : Religion and Life Issues


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GCSEPod: Humanities


Here are just some of the important, relevant and exciting topics we study in class :

  • Moral Issues : Relationships – Love, Sex, Contraception, Homosexuality, Family, Marriage & Divorce
  • Supernatural – Good & Evil in the world
  • Death & the future life – the existence of God
  • Sanctity of Life – Abortion & Euthanasia, what it means to be Human
  • Jewish food laws – what is kosher and non-kosher?
  • Identity, symbols, Abraham and Moses
  • The Holocaust – responding to suffering through faith
  • Multi-cultural and multi-faith Britain – understanding people
Key Stage 5


AS Level : Buddhism and Religion & Ethics
A2 Level : Religion and Ethics & Religion and Human Experience


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What can I do with a qualification in Religious Studies ?

With a good grade you can go on to study at University. You can also get a job in :

• The Police Force
• The Armed Forces
• Teaching
• Journalism
• Law
• Nursing, Medicine & Hospital work
• Travel Industry
• Management
• Social Work
• The Arts, Acting, Television & Radio
• The Church
• Youth / Community work and more……….

Skills in Religious Studies are transferable to other subjects and can be essential in later life.

Head of Department : Mr.Richard Evans