Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

As the MFL department at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn, we aim to enhance the learning of a foreign language and to equip pupils to converse in a language other than their own in an ever shrinking world.



  • To instil in pupils a love of languages and an understanding of their importance in the world today.
  • To achieve a sense of achievement through structured learning as well as lessons that are both accessible and engaging for all pupils.
  • To create a tolerance and understanding through better knowledge of other cultures and societies.
  • To provide a good academic qualification that will aid them in their future.

From Year 7, all pupils study French until the end of Key stage 3 (Y9). At this point, pupils will then choose if they would like to continue the to GCSE level. It is our hope that the study of both will aid understanding of how languages work and help to instil of love of learning languages. The subject is also offered for A-level.

There are two full time members of staff in the department, Mrs. E. Ward (Head of Department) and Miss. F. Edwards. Both members of staff teach throughout the age and ability range. There is also a foreign language assistant employed at the school, which gives all pupils the opportunity to practise with a native speaker.

There are many extra-curricular activities organised by the department, these include:

  • Spelling Bee (Year 7)
  • Trip to Paris and Parc Asterix (Year 7)
  • French Exchange (Year 8 and 9)
  • Trip to Paris and Disneyland (Year 10 and 11)
  • Work Experience (Year 12 and 13)
  • The European Youth Parliament competitions (Year 12 and 13)
Year 7

Year 7

During the Year 7 French course you will learn to:

ds3521•Say your name and greet someone.
•Ask what something is and say what you’ve got or haven’t got.
•Say the alphabet and spell your name.
•Say how old you are and ask someone their age.
•Say when your birthday is.
•Say what colour something is.
•Say where you live and what nationality you are.
•Talk about your brothers and sisters.
•Talk about your pets.
•Talk about what you look like.

•How to go shopping and buy foods and also how to order at a café or restaurant.
•You will learn about Paris.
•Buy snacks and read a menu.

Year 8

Year 8

During the Year 8 French course you will learn how to:

•Talk about your house and surroundings.ds3271
•Describe your house and your bedroom.
•Tell the time.

•To talk about your daily routine.
•Talk about your timetable.

•Talk about school subjects.
•Talk about your day in school.
•Talk about sport and what you like and dislike.
•Say what you do in your free time.
•Talk about other free time activities.
•Talk about what you do at the weekend.
•Talk about the weather.
•Talk about your town.
•Ask for and give directions around town.

Year 9

Year 9

In Year 9 French you will learn how to:

•Talk about parts of the body and illnesses.

•How to talk about what your future plans are.

•Describe your town and give the advantages and disadvantages.

•Talk about what you done and where you have been at the weekend.

•Talk about where you have been on holiday and what you did.

•To describe what you are wearing and what you like wearing.

GCSE: French

GCSE: French

Pupils studying GCSE MFL will be assessed in the four skills of Listening,Reading, Speaking and Writing.ds3226


Speaking: 30% of GCSE

Writing: 30% of GCSE


Listening: 20% of GCSE

Writing: 20% of GCSE

Pupils will develop their skills through the contexts of:

•Home and Environment
•Work and Education