With the process and preparation well underway for pupils to apply for a place in University, year 13 pupils were provided with a very important opportunity to prepare them for the next phase in the Higher Education application process – the university interviews. This annual event is organised to provide each student with an invaluable opportunity. Admissions Tutors from several Universities across Wales, and many large business representatives from various professions were invited to come to the school in order to conduct the mock interviews. The activity gave pupils a chance to experience a purposeful university interview, allowing them to develop an understanding of the requirements necessary for a successful performance. The interviews were based on the content of their Personal Statement and CV’s, and their choice of courses to study or desired vocations. A nervous, yet enjoyable, day was had by both interviewees and interviewers. Pupils’ performances were assessed, and the interviewer provided constructive feedback at the end of the interview in order to develop the self-confidence of pupils. Mr D. Williams would like to thank all those that attended and made the event a worthwhile and successful day.