On one of the hottest days of the year so far, 40 Year 8 pupils made the journey to St. David’s Cathedral and Close in Pembrokeshire.  After finally arriving at Ty’r Pererin Education Centre (which in itself felt like a mini-pilgrimage) we were welcomed by Janet Ingram (Education Officer) and given our St. David’s Geocache Challenge timetable for the day.  Pupils had to locate geocache boxes and collect information to build up a picture of key people associated with the Cathedral throughout history.  Source material allowed pupils to use many learning skills, particularly geographical skills and experiences, to formulate ideas about these key people and their influence in the realms of religion, science and technology, history and art.  Pupils were given access to search the Thistle Field, Pilgrim’s Entrance, Hill Leek Garden, Gloch Dewi Sant and more.  The day ended with a fascinating look at some ancient books and manuscripts in the Cathedral Library (pupils saw a Bible that had belonged to Queen Elizabeth I and books that had belonged to Admiral Nelson) and a moment of reflection at the shrine of Saint David – where a candle was lit and pupils could engage in a moment of silence, reflection and prayer.