At the beginning of December, Year 12 geography students were immersed in an outdoor world of geography when they stayed at Orielton Field Studies Centre in Pembrokeshire as part of their AS Level studies. They visited a range of locations spending time analysing cliffs and cliff stability at Barafundle and Stackpole, calculating a cost-benefit analysis of sea defences in and around Saundersfoot, emotionally mapping Haverfordwest town centre and measuring sediment and beach profiles in Amroth and Barafundle.

So why do fieldwork? Fieldwork is not just an important part of studying geography, it offers a wonderful way of seeing the world, and a chance for personal development. Doing fieldwork can make a difference to your life and future career.

Some of the benefits of fieldwork include:
•Seeing geography and theories come to life: improving your knowledge of geography and understanding
•Developing your skills: giving you a chance to learn skills in data collection and analysis, map work, observational and investigative skills, computer and technology skills, communication and mathematical skills
•Appreciating environments: giving you a chance to experience and enjoy a wide range of environments and landscapes
•Opinions and views: it helps you to understand other peoples and cultures, and your own views about social, political or environmental issues
•Taking responsibility for your learning, gaining confidence and develop your skills: such as leadership and teamwork
•It is enjoyable

Sound good? Then geography fieldwork is for you!